New York BLS Spain Visa: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for Spain Visa from New York

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What is a Visa? How do I know if I need a Visa? Can I travel within the Schengen countries with a single entry visa? Who is BLS? How can I contact the Spain Visa Application Centre? How early can I apply? How long do I have to wait for the Visa once I submit my application? How do I submit my application at the Application Centre? What is the application procedure at the Spain Visa Application Centre? What are the documents required for a Spain Visa? What are the applicable fees? Can the Spain Visa Application Centre post my passport back? Do I need a Schengen Visa? Do i need an airport transit visa? Which countries are in the schengen area? How my personal details are processed? Where to apply for your schengen visa: you have to apply? Timing of Application? Processing time? Your passport date of expiration? Application in person? Will I be granted a MULTIPLE or a SINGLE ENTRY? Do we hold your passport? Who can collect my visa? Are visa fees refundable?